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  • Library and Information Science, Librarianship (SE)
    Seznam, který sestavil Traugott Koch (Univerzitní knihovna v Lundu, Švédsko), obsahuje odkazy na nejvýznamnější světové zdroje z oblasti knihovnictví a informačních věd.
  • INFO CONNECT LIS Directory
    Obsáhlý seznam knihovnických informačních zdrojů, který sestavil a udržuje Godfrey Oswald, informační specialista z Londýna.
  • NISS Information Gateway (UK)
    NISS (National Information Services and Systems) provides access to information for the UK academic community. The Information Gateway acts as a single entry point for hundreds of other sources of information, organised in tree structure based on the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) scheme. An excellent place to visit!
  • BUBL Information Service (UK)
    BUBL (BUlletin Board for Libraries) has retained a strong library element, but now provides a subject-based services to the academic and research community in the UK more generally, this via the BUBL Subject Tree. This excellent service for everyone (!) is based at the University of Strathclyde.
  • BUBL - Library and Information Science References
    A vast BUBL's alphabetical list of LIS references.
  • Library Resources on the Internet (US)
    Northwestern University Library's list of library journals and other resources on the internet; Z39.50 resources; library service organizations, associations, vendors; publishers and catalogs on the internet
  • The Library Resource List (US)
    Primarily a meta-listing of over 400 Internet resources that will be of interest to the library community
  • Benton Library and Libraries for the Future's Resources List
    A list of more than 100 useful sources on the role of libraries in the Information Age and samples how libraries are offering public access to new technologies. (The list is part of the report Local Places, Global Connections).
  • The original WEBrary (US)
    Morton Grove Public Library provides a subject index of useful Web sites based on the cataloging system of Melvil Dewey
  • Internet Public Library (US)
    Varied resources from Michigan's Internet Public Library
  • Library of Congress Online Services (LOCIS)
    Mainframe-based collection of databases including a public access catalog of bibliographic information, federal legislation, copyright registered works, braille and audio materials, foreign law abstracts and more
  • LibWeb: Library Information Servers via WWW (US)
    Libweb is currently listing over 1100 libraries in over 45 countries on 6 continents
  • Public Information Research
    NameBase Online, a cumulative name index of 500 investigative books, plus 20 years of assorted clippings
  • Alex Catalogue
    Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet. Alex is/was an informal research project whose purpose was to explore the possibilitites creating catalogs of Internet-based electronic texts. Originally conceived by Hunter Monroe in 1993-4, the catalog contains roughly 2,000 entries mostly on gopher servers. Maintenance of the Alex Catalog has been suspended until adeqate funding and/or a systematic method for collecting electronic texts can be obtained.
  • Faxon, Inc.
    To learn about all their periodicals subscriptions services as well as to tap into over 500 publishers' online title lists!
  • Internet Resources for Cataloging
    (through the University of Michigan)
  • Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
    Provides access to a growing collection of over 300 topical guides to Internet resources, many created by librarians or library studies students.
  • Reference Libraries (from Yahoo)
  • LEO: Librarians and Educators Online
    Offers a range of services for libraries and educational institutions including customized Internet training, WWW home page design, and staff development seminars
Z39.50 Resources