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Podrobnější seznamy projektů (zejména amerických) lze nalézt na:
http://www.dlib.org/reference.html nebo na
Níže je uveden jen vícemeně ad-hoc výběr 'zajímavých' projektů.

Projekty v USA:

  • The NSF/DARPA/NASA Digital Library Initiative (DLI)
    Six federal funded projects in digital library research, with partnerships led by universities. The individual projects are listed below.

  • The Computer Science Technical Reports Project (CSTR)
    A collaboration involving CNRI, five universities, and the Library of Congress. The project, begun in 1992, started the process of creating network access to archives of technical information in the domain of computer science (search the NCSTRL - the Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library for CompSci Reports).
  • D-Lib
    A forum for researchers and developers of advanced digital libraries.
  • NASA's Digital Library Technology Project
    A project that supports the development of new technologies to facilitate public access to NASA data via computer networks.
  • The Coalition for Networked Information
    A joint project of the Association of Research Libraries, CAUSE, and EDUCOM to promote information resources in networked environments.
  • The Universal Library Project
    The mission of the Universal Library project is to start a worldwide movement to make available ALL the Authored Works of Mankind on the Internet.This is a major new initiative in digital libraries that will build a technically realistic and economically practical infrastructure for putting and accessing library documents on the World Wide Web.
  • TexShare
    The purpose of TexShare is to support and enhance resource sharing among Texas academic libraries. The program provides incentives for academic libraries to share their combined resources and collections to enrich the intellectual capabilities of all Texas academic institutions.
Projekty v Evropě:
  • The ERCIM Digital Library Initiative
    Information on all the ERCIM Digital library activities. ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - aims to foster collaborative work within the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry.
    ERCIM News No. 27 (October 1996) with the Special Theme: Digital Libraries
  • EUROPAGATE: Multifunctional Gateway for Information Retrieval Protocols
    This project aims to build and operate a pilot service through which users can access ANSI Z39.50 and ISO SR servers which provide on-line access to catalogues. Users requests will be handled over widely available data networks (e.g. public X.25, IXI and TCP/IP-based networks) using existing clients which incorporate the ANSI and ISO standards. Requests will also be processed via e-mail and World Wide Web.
  • I'M EUROPE: Telematics for Libraries Programme (EU)
    Research and development in the libraries sector of the Telematics Programme aims to facilitate access to the wealth of knowledge held in libraries throughout the European Union, while reducing disparities between national systems and practice. A list of over 50 significant digital library-related research projects within the TELEMATICS programme.
  • eLib - The Electronic Libraries Programme (UK)
    15 million GBP programme aimed to "transform the use and storage of knowledge in higher education institutions". Currently, roughly 60 projects are being funded, though this number changes as some projects are completed while new ones are funded.
  • The Medoc project (DE)
    The largest 'all-digital' initiative in Germany, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Research for two years starting in September 1995 to provide access to computer science literature over the Web. It is lead by a consortium of FIZ Karlsruhe, The German Society of Computer Science Professionals and Springer Verlag.