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Australia. Management of Material in Electronic Format Working Party. Towards Federation 2001 - Linking Australians and their Heritage.
"A national consultative conference, hosted by the National Library of Australia, on access to Australia' recorded documentary heritage was held in Canberra, Australia on 23-26 March 1992. The conference has 86 resolutions as its outcome and since that time the National Library of Australia has engaged in a thorough assessment of each resolution, its progress or lack thereof, and possible changes in the objective or action mechanism which might lead to faster and better progress in the future."
URL: http://www.nla.gov.au/dnc/tf2001/elecwp.html

Australia. Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC). Architecture For Access To Government Information.
Report of the Information Management Steering Committee (IMSC) -Technical Group. This group is tasked to investigate access architectures to government information in Australia, i.e. to Federal and State government information, and recommending future actions to follow.
URL: http://www.adfa.oz.au/DOD/imsc/imsctg/imsctg1a.htm

European Union. European Commission. Telematics for Libraries Programme.
Research and Development in the libraries sector of the Telematics Programme aims to facilitate access to the wealth of knowledge held in libraries throughout the European Union, while reducing disparities between national systems and practice. This is a comprehensive and important entry point for information about European digital library projects.
URL: http://www.echo.lu/libraries/en/libraries.html

Japan. University of Library and Information Science. Digital Library Network (DLnet).
Tsukuba Science City, Japan. August 31, 1994
URL: http://www.dl.ulis.ac.jp/DLW_E/

U.S. Association of Research Libraries (ARL).
URL: http://arl.cni.org/

U.S. Texas A&M University. Center for the Study of Digital Libraries.
URL: http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/

U.S. Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR).
URL: http://www.cnidr.org/

U.S. Coalition for Networked Information.
URL: http://www.cni.org/CNI.homepage.html

U.S. CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) Center for Library Initiatives.
URL: http://www.cic.net/cic/cli.html

U.S. Commission on Preservation and Access.
URL: http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/cpa/

U.S. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI).
URL: http://www.nstn.ca:80/cimi/

U.S. Museum Computer Network.
URL: http://world.std.com/~mcn/MCN.html

U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Awards for Digital Libraries Research
URL: http://www-diglib.stanford.edu/diglib/pub/nsf.announce.html

U.S. OCLC: Online Computer Library Center
URL: http://www.oclc.org/

U.S. Research Libraries Group.
URL: http://www-rlg.stanford.edu/

U.S. Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information.
URL: http://www.oclc.org:5046/~weibel/archtf.html

U.S. University of California, Berkeley. Digital Library SunSITE.
URL: http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/