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There is no one central library at the Masaryk University in Brno. Library- information structure consists of  9 central faculty libraries (each provides services to its home faculty) and also of 113 sub-libraries located at 40 different sites spread on the territory of Brno. The principles and standards of library services at the Masaryk University are stipulate by the MU Library Regulations.

University library collections include nearly 1.7 million items of wide range of subjects.

Faculty Number of items No. of sub-libraries
Economics 55.0801
Arts 754.22020
Informatics 15.8700
Medicine 160.10074
Education 148.4805
Law 130.1201
Sciences 348.22012
Social Studies 50.8400
Sport Studies 11.5500
Blind students library 4.3800
Total 1.678.860113

An advisory board of rector for the library issues is Library Council at the MU.

Libraries are co-ordinated by the Library Information Center (KIC MU) a specialized department of ICS MU. KIC MU is responsible for consultancy and co-ordination of the the development of automated library-information service and verification of modern technologies for applicability in MU library practice, design and maintenance of central information system, training and other basic support of libraries.